Thursday, November 8, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Nowadays, everybody's got a blog or a website or twitter feed -- and usually, all of the above. Not to mention the literally one billion people on Facebook! (No, I'm not one of the one billion...yet. But my Congregation sure is!)

Have you ever wondered just who, exactly, is reading all of these blog posts and tweets and Facebook updates? Who has the time? I'm sure there's a groundbreaking study somewhere that shows most of these blog-tweet-updates are most often read by the one who actually wrote them in the first place. Really, who else has the time?

Well, if you're reading this blog, and you're not me, than: Thank You! And secondly, where do you find the time?

Okay, so I'm joking...a little. But this next part is serious, and seriously impressive: Congregation Beth Knesset Bamidbar has recently unveiled it's totally remade, entirely re-imagined, and brand-new website! And while he'd be reluctant to agree, it's our Congregation's President, Mr. Butch Ryti, who deserves the most praise and credit for making it all happen. But just take a look through our equally re-created, re-imagined, and re-newed Bulletin, The Chai Desert News and you'll begin to see what makes this Congregation as special as it is: it's those active and involved and committed members who are so remarkably giving of their time and energy that, when they do give, it's often before they're asked.

As busy as you are, I hope you'll find the time to visit us online at And I really hope you'll find the time to visit us in-person too! But "one step at a time," right?