Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What to Do, What to Do

Our lives are busy ones. Even when we're not busy, we're busy. If it's not work, it's family. And if it's not family, it's work. And somewhere in-between the two, we try, we really do, we try to fit in all the rest: the reading and shopping and cleaning and driving and cooking and exercising and.... and....

And so much more - it's endless really, all that fills our days. So much to do. So much. And sometimes it can seem like our being so busy actually makes life easier. Perhaps you've found yourself as I have, too busy to make certain choices, sometimes certain
difficult choices. It is as if our being busy, our acting and our doing, is all that defines us and determines who we are: that who we are is what we do; and what we do is who we are.

And yet, we are not merely animals acting on instinct. We do more than just "do." We do more than just "act." We are human beings, and we are not so simple as to act without choosing. For before we act, before we do,
we must choose. That's what it is to be human: to be human is to choose. For the gift of free will is precious; we all make choices: good and right, bad and wrong. We all do. But as busy as we are and as busy as we make ourselves, our lives and our legacies are determined not only by our actions; our lives and our legacies are also defined by our choices.

May we, who are so very busy, both find the time and make the time to make good choices.


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