Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Miriam," What a Name...

The most popular Israeli baby names for 2008 are, for girls:
Noa, Shira, Yael, Tamar, Maya, Talia, Hila, Michal and Adi.
 Most popular for boys:
Noam, Itai, Daniel, David, Idan, Moshe, Yosef and Yonatan.
What is MOST interesting, however, is the third most popular name for Muslim, Israeli girls: Miriam. That's right: "our" Miriam, Moses' sister - her name is not only claimed by Muslim women, but is popular too. Could it be Miriam's selflessness, leadership, courage? Whatever it may be, it's only one more aspect of ourselves which we share with each other.

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